Winter 2023

The Winter 2023 Herizons features a story on Jina (Masha) Amini and the women’s uprising she inspired in Iran, an interview with Nova Scotia prison abolitionist El Jones, plus articles on “pretendians,” and more.


Radical Stitch

ART REVIEW BY VICTORIA PERRIE / In saasaakwe, a series of long-haired women pose with their backs to the camera. We gaze from behind each subject, observing the back of their heads as they refuse to make their identities known. Beautiful long brown hair flows down their backs, necks, and shoulders. Attached to barrettes in their hair are recontextualized and reworked quotes by other artists. The figures stand facing nature: field, wood, plant, and stone. […]

Cover Stories

Rebel at the Table: In Conversation with Sara Ahmed

The Feminist Killjoy is a fierce and poetic embodiment of willfulness and refusal. Feminist Killjoys are willing to get in the way of happiness to create a better world. They are willing to speak difficult truths, cause a disruption, create an intervention. Feminist Killjoys will not be silenced, confined, or controlled! As cultural critics, philosophers, poets, and activists, Feminist Killjoys often start their work young—at home, around the kitchen table—then later, around the tables of institutions and in feminist spaces. […]

Cover Stories

Love as Refusal

Refusal is often viewed in the negative. We can think of so many examples of being refused and feeling disappointed or hurt. In trying to flip this adverse idea of refusal, I have begun seeing refusal as a space of love, the care in refusing something that is not right for you, and the example you set for others when you clearly and caringly state that you need something else. […]

Cover Stories

Refusing the Gaze

There are many ways of thinking about “the gaze” when it comes to visual representations of women, and Black women in particular. Throughout my artistic practice in figurative drawing, my approach to the gaze has shifted in response to my personal experiences, research, and conversations with other women, artists, writers, and health-care practitioners. In this essay, I unpack these shifts, explore the contexts in which I have been creating, and revisit a few of my favourite drawings. […]


Ladykiller the Maneater

ART REVIEW BY MARIANA MUÑOZ GOMEZ / Ladykiller the Maneater—words loaded with connotations of sexuality and sexism—is a surprising choice for the title of Alison Bremner’s exhibition at grunt gallery. […]