Standing in a River of Time

BOOK REVIEW BY E.R. ZAREVICH / Standing in A River of Time is a testament to the necessity of forging an emotional alliance with one’s distant ancestors, not just for the purpose of forming a solid identity, but for the process of healing from trauma—specifically, intergenerational trauma and colonial violence. […]


Feminist Publishing Forever

COLUMN BY HERIZONS EDITOR CHRISTINA HAJJAR / Print publishing will never die. “For centuries, wherever mass defiance and collective power have swollen up, there has been print,” said Jonathan Valelly, then-managing editor of Broken Pencil magazine, in a piece called “Zinesters, we are the radical press.” […]

Fall 2022

Read our feature interview with indie jazz artist Tara Kannangara; Meet Bonnie Robichaud, who was sexually harassed when she worked for the Canadian Military and won her case at the Supreme Court more than 30 […]


Keeping the Spark Alive

COLUMN BY HERIZONS EDITOR PENNI MITCHELL / Posted in my office is a bright red heart, outlined in neon pink felt pen, drawn on the back of a subscription envelope. The message reads “I love Herizons.” […]

Summer 2022

How Can We Stop Gendered Violence; The War in Ukraine; The Journals of Alice Walker; Radical Nature: Interview with Poet Yvonne Blomer:  What a Feminist Job Recovery Looks Like; Hijab Ban Sparks Protest in India

Spring 2022

Cover story: Poet Jillian Christmas explores “The Gospel of Breaking”; interview withh Judy Wilson-Raybould: No Regrets; Multiple Chemical Sensitivities; Sharon Butala: Why I’m a Feminist; Paying tribute to bell hooks; COVID recovery and Indigenous health […]

Winter 2022

How To Tackle Cyber Misogyny; Nancy Ruth: Force of Nature: Interview with Poet Evelyn Lau; Afghanistan Mayor Vows to Challenge Taliban