The House that Bev Built

Even though I’m semi-retired and work at home, my body seems to know that it’s 7:30 a.m. and I need to wake up. It’s quiet in my bedroom, but when I open the door I […]

Indigenous Women Inspire Author

Katherena Vermette sits hunched over the café table, a long rope of cursive writing trailing from her pen, filling the page. Coffee and a waffle grow cold beside her. It is morning—before her day job […]


It’s bad enough that women have to contend with a glass ceiling that limits their advancement at work, not to mention a wage gap that translates into 73 cents being paid to women for every […]

Fall 2017

Fall 2017

Alexis O’Hara in Profile; Women and Migraine; Forced Sterilizations of Indigenous Women; Orgasm Gap; How Rape Kits Failed Women  

Spring 2017

Author Katherena Vermette ; Women’s March on Washington; Harassed Mounties; Maude Barlow on Water Justice  

Winter 2017

Jill Andrew and the Body Positivity Movement ;  The Ballet Liberation Movement ; Mobilizing Against Rape in India