Tattoos More than Skin Deep

When Patricia Roe was 46, her 20-year-old son, Adam, died while mountain climbing in Guatemala. Several of Adam’s friends got tattoos to mark the loss of their friend. A few weeks later, Roe got the […]

A Complicated Kind of Author

Herizons: I’m so delighted to be able to chat with you about A Complicated Kindness. I imagine this book took a lot of courage to write. Can you talk about that a bit?

Drama Queers

Ever since Ellen was cancelled, we have been starving for a TV show featuring a loud, proud, leaping lesbian. While Ellen Morgan the character didn’t survive, Ellen Degeneres has. “Less evil and more glamour for […]


Passion For Revolushun Inspires Dub Poets

nah-ee-lah and d’bi young are creating sparks with their word sounds. These second- generation dub poets—who are also noteworthy playwrights and actors—rhythmically fan those sparks into flames of resistance against injustice as they burn new […]