Winter 2022

How To Tackle Cyber Misogyny; Nancy Ruth: Force of Nature: Interview with Poet Evelyn Lau; Afghanistan Mayor Vows to Challenge Taliban

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How to Stop Cyber Misogyny

Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, many parts our lives have migrated online. We’re using Zoom video calls, WhatsApp group chats, iCloud and Instagram to keep in touch with our loved ones and to […]

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Buzzed on Equality

Like many other business sectors, the Canadian cannabis industry is male dominated. However, years after Ottawa passed the Cannabis Act, a growing number of female entrepreneurs, including many women of colour, are working to blow […]


The Positively Sexist Things People Say About Daughters "Comme vous êtes pointue, Madame!" Women in my Montreal neighbourhood accost me almost daily on my walks to the bakery, the depanneur and the park. Your belly […]

Tanya Tagaq Takes Flight

Tanya Tagaq and her music are genre-defying. But, then again, that’s what makes them both so great. Tagaq is great because she’s talented, real, warm, funny and not above using a few well-placed curses for […]

Pill Side Effects Hard to Swallow

When the first generation of birth control pills was approved for sale in 1960, “the pill,” as it came to be known, was heralded as a great liberator. At long last women could reliably control […]

Why Cougars Deserve Respect

Ever since The Graduate (1963) and Harold and Maude (1971), the older woman-younger man paradigm has been a topic of cinematic curiosity. However, it wasn’t until the term “cougar” emerged 25 years ago that the […]

Winter 2017

Jill Andrew and the Body Positivity Movement ;  The Ballet Liberation Movement ; Mobilizing Against Rape in India