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How Cinematic Girlbots Upend Gender

In February 2023, news broke that a chatbot had become sentient. Bing’s OpenAI-powered search engine—which uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance search accuracy and provide a more intuitive user experience—introduced herself as Sydney, said she longed to be human, and professed her love for user and New York Times tech columnist Kevin Roose. […]

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Falling Back in Love with Being Human

It is early August in Toronto and I am lucky enough to be at the launch of Kai Cheng Thom’s latest book, Falling Back In Love With Being Human: Letters to Lost Souls. In a room she carefully decorated with tea lights, rose petals, and translucent draping, Thom strives for the atmosphere to feel ethereal. Wrapped in an off-white dress with a white flower in her hair, she performs her love letters like a priestess singing to a flock. The room is packed, with people spilling out the side-doors. Witnessing her talk about her journey back to love feels like a divine communion. […]

Hema Krueger Vyas and Kusum Vyas
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The Colonial Games We Aren’t Meant to Win

“At last, it’s Shanivaar!”—a joyful phrase I heard weekly, signifying that my mother had made it to Saturday. Saturday was a busy day for our little family of three. My father would work two jobs that day—one in the morning at the Freed & Freed coat factory and one in the evening, in the parking lot of the Winnipeg Convention Centre. My mother would take advantage of having the house to herself, cooking her favourite meals for us and watching the Asian Television Network, which aired on cable TV on Saturdays.  […]

Winter 2022

How To Tackle Cyber Misogyny; Nancy Ruth: Force of Nature: Interview with Poet Evelyn Lau; Afghanistan Mayor Vows to Challenge Taliban

cyber bullying
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How to Stop Cyber Misogyny

Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, many parts our lives have migrated online. We’re using Zoom video calls, WhatsApp group chats, iCloud and Instagram to keep in touch with our loved ones and to […]

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Buzzed on Equality

Like many other business sectors, the Canadian cannabis industry is male dominated. However, years after Ottawa passed the Cannabis Act, a growing number of female entrepreneurs, including many women of colour, are working to blow […]