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The Pleasure and Pride of Indigiqueerness: Paintings from a Queer NDN Baby 

I am mainly focused on love. Strawberries, hearts, embraces, and gentle eyes: through painting, I show you I care. This love carries me through my arts practice and my personal life. I hope all the queer natives that see my work feel the vibrating colours like the grand entry at a pow wow. I strive to create an immersion of joy—joyful paintings as a counterbalance to damage-centered narratives that are tied to Indigenous communities and the conspicuous consumption of queer Indigenous trauma.  […]

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Women Talking: When Leaving Isn’t the Hardest Part

Women Talking, an award-winning, international best-selling novel by Miriam Toews, was adapted into a screenplay and directed by filmmaker Sarah Polley. The star-studded cast includes Frances McDormand (Scarface), Claire Foy (Salome Friesen), Jessie Buckley (Mariche Loewen), and Rooney Mara (Ona Friesen). […]

Summer 2022

How Can We Stop Gendered Violence; The War in Ukraine; The Journals of Alice Walker; Radical Nature: Interview with Poet Yvonne Blomer:  What a Feminist Job Recovery Looks Like; Hijab Ban Sparks Protest in India

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Revolution Road

It’s being called the “shadow pandemic.” After two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of women and girls killed at the hands of male partners in Canada spiked by 50 percent, sounding alarm bells […]

summer 2021

Summer 2021

When Kinship Was Colonized: An interview with Allyson Stevenson; Poet Rita Wong Defends the Climate; Female Friendship and more.

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When Kinship Was Colonized

Allyson Stevenson’s book, Intimate Integration: A History of the Sixties Scoop and the Colonization of Indigenous Kinship, is both personal and political. From 1961 to the 1980s, Indigenous and Métis children were routinely removed from […]

Summer 2020
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Intimate Acts and Everyday Rebellion

As social animals, we like being together: we watch each other, listen to each other, and share in witnessing. It goes without saying that when we are together, we feel less alone. Among the many […]

Bif Naked Rebuilds the Stage of Life

It was a surprising side effect from the chemotherapy Bif Naked experienced during her treatment for breast cancer. Spending time with other women who were sharing her cancer experience clarified something for her. “I realized […]