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The Gospel of Breaking

Jillian Christmas describes herself as an introvert and a pretty private person. The poet, whose collection of poetry The Gospel of Breaking has garnered much acclaim, opened up in our interview about her need to […]

photo by Mary Vallarta
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How to Indigenize Popular Culture

Sonya Ballantyne is a lot of things: a filmmaker, a writer, a motivational speaker, a podcaster and yes—even an official Barbie role model.When she was first contacted by the Mattel toy company in 2019, her […]

Lindsay Wong Photo by Shimon
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Taking on the Woo-Woo

Lindsay Wong was a year ahead of me in secondary school and lived a few blocks down the hill in a sprawling neighbourhood of large but generic homes in Coquitlam, British Columbia, an hour’s drive […]

Indigenous Women Inspire Author

Katherena Vermette sits hunched over the café table, a long rope of cursive writing trailing from her pen, filling the page. Coffee and a waffle grow cold beside her. It is morning—before her day job […]

No Picture

Sci-Fi Writing as a Radical Act

If you don’t read fantasy and science fiction because you think it’s all about heroic loner dudes saving the world—run, don’t walk, to Nalo Hopkinson’s books. One of the most original, intelligent, imaginative and ambitious […]

The First Fight for Suffrage

Emily Howard Jennings Stowe, remembered mainly as a tireless advocate for women’s suffrage and education, was also the first woman to have a medical practice in Canada. After her initial request to attend classes in […]

Are Emoticons a Woman Thing?

They’re everywhere you look: winking in text messages, slipping into corporate emails, littering Facebook news feeds. They stare up from computer screens, those frozen grins begging for approval. They are emoticons, and research suggests their […]

Rise Up! Idle No More's Pam Palmater

When First Nations leaders and their supporters descended on Parliament Hill in January, some choosing to meet the prime minister in his office with others beating the drums of dissent outside, breathless pundits all asked […]

Anti DiFranco: Spitfire

Ani DiFranco’s commitment to being a free agent is inspiring. While the indie musician is definitely concerned about the state of her country, she’s not particularly worried about the impact George W. Bush’s administration has […]