No Picture

Fall 2021

Fourth Wave feminism, Rewriting the Climate Apocalypse, I May Destroy You, Feds’ Anti-Violence Plan and more

Cover Stories

Rewriting the Climate Apocalypse

After spending years avoiding books about the environmental crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic finally pushed me to confront my uncomfortable fears about the Earth’s future.   Over the last year, I read more than a dozen […]

Cover Stories

Interview: Souvankham Thammavongsa

The exquisite and beguiling short story collection How to Pronounce Knife pierces the heart, leaving the reader melancholy but euphoric. Souvankham Thammavongsa’s ability to instill a spectrum of emotions is a testament to her startling, […]

Feeding the Fires of Change

For the last three years, Canadian singer-songwriter Kinnie Starr has been on a slow path of recovery from a severe brain injury she experienced following a car accident. Starr doesn’t remember much from that day […]

Serena Ryder. Fight. Surrender. Balance

Ten years ago, singer-songwriter Serena Ryder came to national prominence with the release of the single “Weak in the Knees.” A heartbreakingly beautiful ballad about unrequited love, the single garnered Ryder a Juno for best […]

Filmmaker Tracey Deer

Tiffany Deer is giggling uncontrollably. Her sister, filmmaker Tracey Deer, is holding the camera and laughing along. The laughter is contagious, the intimacy compelling. This is the opening sequence from Club Native, which, during its […]

No Picture

Fall 2017

Alexis O’Hara in Profile; Women and Migraine; Forced Sterilizations of Indigenous Women; Orgasm Gap; How Rape Kits Failed Women