Alexis O'Hara, performance art, feminist artist, sound artist On Stands Now
Resonance and Rebellion: Alexis O'Hara

Alexis O’Hara sits across the table sipping tea and flips her long, wavy hair from one side to the other. In one instant, her look is feminine and chic. In the next, a deep side shave reveals a different facet of her presence altogether.

Her asymmetrical do isn’t that unusual, but when the server comes to the table and O’Hara turns her head, only the side shave is in view. The long waves are gone, and suddenly O’Hara’s drag king persona, Guizo LaNuit, is with us.

Fall 2017
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Sexual Assault: Where Do We Go From Here?  by Janet Nicol

The Jian Ghomeshi trial last year touched off a national debate about the legal rights of women who have experienced sexual violence.  As a result, legal experts and activists are now calling for a host of legal reforms, changes to justice protocols and greater support for women’s crisis centres.

The Currency of Viola Desmond  by Evelyn C. White

Viola Desmond (right) will appear on the $10 Canadian bank note in 2018. This article, which appeared in Herizons Spring 2015 Special Issue on Women who Changed Canada, pays tribute to the civil rights icon.

Saving Russia's Only Rape Crisis Centre  by Emma Carter

“Syostry” means sisters in Russian. It is also the name of the country’s only rape crisis centre, located in the capital, Moscow. Known commonly by its English name, Sisters has been on the brink of closure since last year.

Indigenous women, charter of rights and freedoms, canada 150
End All Sexism in the Indian Act
by Penni Mitchell

There is a Cheyene saying, “A nation is not conquered until the hearts of its women are on the ground.”

Look around. It’s been 150 years since British colonies drew up the British North America Act to lay the groundwork for their nation, and...

joanna chiu
The Medical Blame Game
by Joanna Chiu

For the past three years, sleeping soundly through the night, instead of waking up coughing, has been a rare treat. I’m living and working in Beijing, where dark clouds of smog deposit layers of soot on every surface and cause car accidents...

Ayuesha Mian Akram Guest Column
Refashioning Fashion
by Ayesha Mian Akram

As a Muslim woman who practices hijab—the wearing of modest clothing and covering my hair—I spend a lot of time navigating. I navigate the politics of being a Muslim woman in Canada and the politics of finding modest, yet

anti-feminist women, against feminism
Pussies Against Feminism
by Lyn Cockburn

They’re mostly well-educated, young and female, and they want us to know that they don’t need feminism.

Mary Ann Shadd
Books About Women's History
by Mary Ann Shadd, newspaper publisher

Because it's 2016, the centennary of the year when many women won the vote in provincial elections, Herizons offers up a list of books all about the contributions women made to Canada's equality rights throughout history, from...