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Lesbian Infertility a Feminist Issue
Elizabeth Ruth

Illustration: Jaime Drew

I know something of missed opportunities, stunted and miswoven cells, futures undone. I know relentless, raging optimisms, babies not yet wished into being...

On Guard Against Gardasil
Dawn Rae Downtown

Several years ago, I oversaw Planned Parenthood British Columbia’s 40 public health clinics.

Maude Barlow Cautions Canada
Penni Mitchell

Since September 11, 2001, the U.S. administration under George Bush has defined security in the narrowest of possible terms.

Mariianne Mays

Herizons: The group of poems that open your latest book, Now You Care, is called “Zone: [le Détroit].” They are about the polluted border between Windsor and Detroit,...

Casting Call: Art Transforms Body and Soul
Carole TenBrink

(KINGSTON) When Cheryl-Ann Webster’s 13-year-old daughter told her that a friend was saving her allowance for breast implants, she knew she had to do something.

Straying from the Gender Pack
Joy Parks
Ivan E. Coyote is doing what she does best. She's telling a story and this one is about her experiences in public washrooms, the place where her gender is most often questioned. "I've frightened...