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Young Adult Fiction for Girls
Niranjana Iyer (Summer 2011)
As evidenced by studies as well as our own memories, teen girls are particularly vulnerable to self-doubt and self-esteem problems....
Porn Again: The Issue that Won't Go Away
Lisa Tremblay

In light of a new documentary celebrating Hugh Hefner as the grandfather of the sexual revolution, feminists might be wondering how mainstream heterosexual pornography has evolved since Playboy...

Women's Studies: Is it Time to Change Course?
Renee Bondy

It’s been four decades since the first women’s studies courses were offered in Canada, and the discipline seems to be hitting its stride. The first credit course in women’s...

The Corridors of Queer
Ember Swift

We all know the story. A woman, married to a man for 20 years, goes to a party. There, she locks eyes with a woman with a confident stance and comfortable shoes.

Indian Women Hold Pink Panty Protest
Kaj Hasselriis

When I boarded the train from Ajmer to Delhi, I sat down on the padded bench in my compartment and immediately noticed a young girl sitting across from me.

Reflections on My Women's Collective Days
Susan G. Cole

When we arrived at the relatively modest country house in Martha's Vineyard in the summer, the kitchen action was already in full gear. Women chopping, frying, talking, laughing—the scene...