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Time to Slay the Perfect-Mother Myth
Jeanie Keogh

A generation ago, middle-class women grew up with the understanding that it was possible to have it all: healthy, well-adjusted children, successful careers and fulfilling personal relationships...

The Rise of Hipster Sexism
Meghan Murphy

Describing the hipster is something you aren’t supposed to do. The mere mention of the fact that there are hipsters outs you as not being one.

Viva la Vulva
Erica Lenti

The mirror has long been touted as a feminist symbol of liberation. For some women, it is a means of understanding identity, a path to empowerment, a vehicle for harnessing sexual awareness.

The Caregiving Crunch
Lillian Zimmerman

In Canada, more than two million informal caregivers, the majority of whom are women, provide care to elders.

Choice Feminism
Meghan Murphy

Have you noticed that a lot of conversations about female empowerment today seem to be stuck in a discourse of choice that makes it difficult to challenge—well, anything at all?

Ethical Pornography
Tina Vasquez

It’s April 2011, and in the dark of a very small room about 70 people are watching porn together.