Carol Shields

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Herizons 25th Anniversary Issue  by Laurie Soper
Herizons 25th Anniversary Issue

Herizons 25th Anniversary Issue

LEAD STORY: Indecent Acts and Everyday Rebellions

This interview first appeared in the Fall 1992 issue of Herizons.


July 18, 1991 was one of the hottest days of the year. But when Gwen Jacob, a student at the University of Guelph, took off her shirt, the police charged her under the Criminal Code of Canada, Section 173.1(a), for committing an indecent act. In January 1992, Jacob was convicted, the first decision of its kind in Canada. She appealed the conviction.

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(Achives 2002) Interview with Carol Sheilds  by Irene D'Souza
(Achives 2002) Interview with Carol Sheilds

(Achives 2002) Interview with Carol Sheilds

Despite the strides made by women during the last century, many female authors continue to face inordinate odds getting their work written and published. They may still be searching for 'a room of one's own.'

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