Herizons as Fundraising Tool

If your non profit women’s organization is looking for a way to raise extra money, selling Herizons magazine subscriptions may be just the thing for your board or volunteers.

If you sell Herizons subscriptions to your board, members or volunteers, Herizons will donate 50% of the proceeds back to your organization for all subscription orders you collect.

All you need to do is collect the $27.50 for each subsciption and remit half of the payment ($13.75) for each subscription sold, to Herizons.  This can be an easy fundraising tool if you have a large board of directors, a large pool of volunteers, members, or a high level of traffic in your office. A one year subscription is $27.50 (includes GST). 

For more information phone 1-204-774-6225 or email editor at herizons dot ca.