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  Readership 8,500   Frequency 4 x per year   Print Run 4,000
  Number of readers per copy 2.8   Retail price $6.75   Subscription Price $27.50
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HERIZONS readers are committed to companies and brands that have a reputation for quality, integrity and innovation. They trust HERIZONS to carry advertising that is carefully chosen.

HERIZONS readers are engaged consumers, volunteers, lawyers, researchers, professors, writers, business owners, union members, travellers and parents. HERIZONS readers have a keen interest in the world around them. They are avid buyers of music and books, and of products that support healthy living and environmental awareness.

$90,000+ the average household income of HERIZONS’ readers.
87% of HERIZONS readers have one or more university degrees.
37% of HERIZONS readers have advanced degrees.
82% percent of readers read HERIZONS from cover to cover.



HERIZONS’ MANDATE The purpose of HERIZONS is to expand the boundaries of feminism; to build awareness of current issues as they affect women and other minorities, and to broaden the influence of feminist principles. HERIZONS aims to reflect an outlook that is diverse and relevant to women's daily lives.


HERIZONS is the most popular feminist magazine in Canada and has published quarterly since 1992.

HERIZONS publishes in-depth interviews with artists, authors and activists on current affairs, legal and equality issues, health; book, music and film reviews; provocative columnists and news on feminist issues from around the world.

Originally started as a regional women’s newspaper in 1979, HERIZONS has evolved into an engaging national magazine with a dedicated readership and notable feminist contributors. HERIZONS is distributed on newsstands, at univerisites and at women's agencies across Canada.

Herizons is published on Treaty 1 land , traditional territories of the Anishinaabeg, Cree, Dakota, Dene, Métis, and Oji-Cree Nations.

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