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Indigo Girls
Indigos Shine Light on Politics, Gay Marriage and Making Music
Cindy Filipenko
Fall 2004

It’s a typical muggy July afternoon in Vancouver. Inside the Commodore Ballroom—a relic from the ’20s restored to its art deco splendour five years ago—the Indigo Girls...

Elizabeth May
How to Save the World in Your Spare Time
Kate Heartfield
Summer 2004

Elizabeth May is a tireless environmental activist and feminist. As executive director of the Sierra Club of Canada (now EcoJustice), she is in a unique situation to influence public policy. She...

Ann-Marie MacDonald
Flying High with Anne-Marie MacDonald
Sara Cassidy
Winter 2004

Ann-Marie MacDonald's second novel, The Way the Crow Flies (Random House of Canada, 2003), follows her award-winning Fall On Your Knees, a first novel that sold more than 300,000 copies in...

Margaret Atwood
Margaret Atwood Asks: Is This The Path We Want To Be On? Margaret Atwood
Irene D'Souza
Spring 2004

In this feature interview from Herizons arachives from Spring 2004, contributor Irene D'Souza spoke to Margaret Atwood about her childhood, her prescient gifts and her research into...

Run Sheila Run
Kaj Hasselriis
Fall 2003

Twenty years ago, then Fisheries Minister John Crosbie called her "baby " and set off a storm of protest over sexism in politics. Sheila Copps went on to become the first female deputy...

Afua Cooper
The Dearth of a Nation
Sheila Nopper
Summer 2003

In this article, Afua Cooper blows the whistle on Canada's history of slavery and gives a voice to unsung heroes of the past.

Afua Cooper is a poet and writer whose work...