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Tanya Tagaq Throat Singer
Pump up the Volume: Tanya Tagaq Adds New Sound to a Centuries-Old Women’s Cultural Tradition
Megan Perry
Spring 2006

Throat singing isn’t a sound that’s easy to describe, even for Tanya Tagaq, so she relies on comparisons.

“It’s breath, it’s rhythm. To be very, well, pompous...

Tanks R Us
Tanks R Us: Sarah Beck On The Fine Art Of Self Defence
Roewan Crowe
Winter 2006

Sarah Beck is a cultural activist. The Saskatchewan-based artist makes crystal-clear connections between themes of consumerism, the militarization of daily life and the mass marketing of armaments...

women and tattoos, body art,
Tattoos More than Skin Deep
Alexis Keinlen
Fall 2005

When Patricia Roe was 46, her 20-year-old son, Adam, died while mountain climbing in Guatemala.

Several of Adam’s friends got tattoos to mark the loss of their friend. A few weeks...

Miriam Toews, A Complicated Kindness
A Complicated Kind of Author
Di Brandt
Summer 2005

Herizons: I’m so delighted to be able to chat with you about A Complicated Kindness. I imagine this book took a lot of courage to write. Can you talk about that a bit?

The L Word
Drama Queers
Karen X. Tulchinsky
Spring 2005

Ever since Ellen was cancelled, we have been starving for a TV show featuring a loud, proud, leaping lesbian. While Ellen Morgan the character didn’t survive, Ellen Degeneres has.


Dub Poet
Passion For Revolushun Inspires Dub Poets
Sheila Nopper
Winter 2005

nah-ee-lah and d’bi young are creating sparks with their word sounds. These second- generation dub poets—who are also noteworthy playwrights and actors—rhythmically fan those...