Top Stories
Naomi Klein
Shock Doc
Susan G. Cole
Winter 2008

Naomi Klein has a remedy for the injustices of neo-liberal policies. Read her new book and call your member of parliament in the morning. It’s not easy talking about the excesses of...

The Cliks
When it Cliks
Cindy Filipenko
Fall 2007

Three years ago, The Cliks were a semi-professional trio playing the usual gigs available to openly queer bands.

Cosmetics Dangers
The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry
Misha Warbanski
Summer 2007

Take a look around your bathroom. The average North American woman uses 10 or more personal care products every day.

From toothpaste and soap to antiperspirant and moisturizer, personal...

Ani DiFranco
Anti DiFranco: Spitfire
Cindy Filipenko
Spring 2007

Ani DiFranco’s commitment to being a free agent is inspiring.

While the indie musician is definitely concerned about the state of her country, she’s not particularly worried...

Human Rights for Women
Are Women Human?
Susan G. Cole
Winter 2007

Over the past 25 years, Catharine MacKinnon has changed the face of feminist legal theory. A law professor at the University of Michigan, she is, as one reviewer notes, “a famously...

Kinnie Starr
Reach for the Stars
Cindy Filipenko
Fall 2006

Fair-skinned girls who want mainstream acceptance aren’t singing about gender politics or First Nations’ issues, either, but that’s exactly what makes Kinnie Starr stand out....