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Red Rock: Chinese Women Take to the Stage
Ember Swift
Spring 2012

It was only in 1986 that contemporary rock music began in China. The artist was Cui Jian, and the instruments were a mixture of Western and Eastern styles, featuring screaming electric guitars. He...

marin fish
The Lure of Bonnie Marin
Shawna Dempsey
Winter 2012

At 6 a.m., Bonnie Marin begins another day cooking ...

Fall 2011
Art Agencies to the Rescue
Karen Darricades
Fall 2011

When Kelly Thornton became the artistic director of Toronto’s Nightwood Theatre in 2002, she was often asked why there was a need for a women’s theatre company.

Summer 2011 Cover
The Women of Casa Xochiquetzal
Annuska Angulo
Summer 2011
Xochiquetzal (pronounced So-chi-ke-chal) is an Aztec goddess whose name means flower-feather. She represents the divine and spiritual...
Gender Outlaws, trans
Gender Outlaws
Mandy van Deven
Winter 2011

In the 15 years since Kate Bornstein’s groundbreaking

Tracey Deer
Filmmaker Tracey Deer
Tara Michelle Ziniuk
Fall 2010

Tiffany Deer is giggling uncontrollably. Her sister, filmmaker Tracey Deer, is holding the camera and laughing along. The...