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The First Fight for Suffrage
Renée Bondy
Spring 2015

Emily Howard Jennings Stowe, remembered mainly as a tireless advocate for women’s suffrage and education, was also the first woman to have a medical practice in Canada. After her initial...

Tanya Tagaq
Tanya Tagaq Takes Flight
Cindy Filipenko
Winter 2015

Tanya Tagaq and her music are genre-defying.

But, then again, that’s what makes them both so great. Tagaq is great because she’s talented, real, warm, funny and not above using...

retro sexism, domestic nostalgia, 60s housewives, 60s feminism
Dishing Up Domestic Nostalgia
Tonya Davidson
Fall 2014

I have this fantasy about hosting a retro potluck. My friends would show up at my door with casseroles, macaroni salads, Jell-O salad and Spam loaves—all of which I’d present on macram...

emoticons and gender, internet use and women, sexism and technology
Are Emoticons a Woman Thing?
Katie Bicklell
Spring 2014

They’re everywhere you look: winking in text messages, slipping into corporate emails, littering Facebook news feeds. They stare up from computer screens, those frozen grins begging for...

herizons winter issue birth control pill
Pill Side Effects Hard to Swallow
Brittany Shoot
Winter 2014

When the first generation of birth control pills was approved for sale in 1960, “the pill,” as it came to be known, was heralded as a great liberator. At long last women could reliably...

Manniquins and Women
Why Mannequins Must Reflect Us
Sharon Haywood
Fall 2013

Triggering women’s insecurity by selling us unattainable beauty has been the golden rule for the fashion industry, but common sense begs the question: Wouldn’t sales naturally increase...