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Sharon Haywood
Winter 2017

It’s bad enough that women have to contend with a glass ceiling that limits their advancement at work, not to mention a wage gap that translates into 73 cents being paid to women for every...

Serena Ryder. Fight. Surrender. Balance
Cindy Filipenko
Fall 2016

Ten years ago, singer-songwriter Serena Ryder came to national prominence with the release of the single “Weak in the Knees.”

A heartbreakingly beautiful ballad about unrequited...

Bif Naked
Bif Naked Rebuilds the Stage of Life
Anna Lazowski
Summer 2016

It was a surprising side effect from the chemotherapy Bif Naked experienced during her treatment for breast cancer. Spending time with other women who were sharing her cancer experience clarified...

Nalo Hopkinson
Sci-Fi Writing as a Radical Act
Niranjana Iyer
Spring 2016

If you don’t read fantasy and science fiction because you think it’s all about heroic loner dudes saving the world—run, don’t walk, to Nalo Hopkinson’s books.


herizons winter 2016 cover
Deborah Ostrovsky
Winter 2016

The Positively Sexist Things People Say About Daughters

"Comme vous êtes pointue, Madame!" Women in my Montreal...

fall 2015 herizons cover story
KC Adams and the Art of Disarming Racism
Shawna Dempsey
Fall 2015

KC Adams stood before her father and wept. Despite what had been a thriving career as a visual artist, she had no exhibitions scheduled for the future. She had no ideas for new work. She feared...