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Behind the Scenes of Lilith on Top
Angela Heck
Summer 2002

In June 1999, Lynne Stopkewich was preparing to shoot her second feature film, Suspicious River, when she got a call from her partners, Dean English and Jessica Fraser.


spring 2002 herizons
The Charter of Rights and Freedoms 20 Years Later
Debra Parkes and Sara Lugtig
Spring 2002

The federal government wants you to mark April 17, 2002 on your calendar. On that day, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms will turn 20. There will be ceremonies on Parliament Hill,...

Sunera Thobani on 9-11
The Speech that Shook the Country
Sunera Thobani
Winter 2002

Sunera Thobani's speech at the "Women's Resistance: From Victimization to Criminalization" conference in Ottawa on October 1 2001, provoked a storm of controversy after her...

Wanda Koop in Venice
Fall 2001

(Venice, Italy) Wanda Koop makes very big art.

Huge, bold canvasses with projections of expansive video images alongside them. While it's exhilarating to witness a woman take up so much...

What Really Happened At The Quebec Summit?
Heather Menzies
Summer 2001

The media stake out their positions on Boulevard Rene Levesque, telephoto cameras slung low on their hips. They are waiting for High Noon, the moment when the Black Block will arrive for their...

Will Women Save the Earth?
Leigh Felesky
Spring 2001

Sunlight twinkles on the water as waves cover the rocks, then recede, and then engulf them again. The light breeze is fresh and the day welcoming. Surroundings are resort-like, with beaches, green...