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herizons spring 2019 issue
Taking on the Woo-Woo
Joanna Chiu
Spring 2018

Lindsay Wong was a year ahead of me in secondary school and lived a few blocks down the hill in a sprawling neighbourhood of large but generic homes in Coquitlam, British Columbia, an hour’s...

Cherie Dimaline
Cherie Dimaline: The Importance of Dreams
Niranjana Iyer
Fall 2018

What if global warming nearly destroyed the Earth and left the survivors incapable of joy, bereft of the ability to dream? What if the Indigenous people of the North were revealed to house in...

Kinnie Starr
Feeding the Fires of Change
Stephanie Cram
Fall 2018


spring 2018 cover herizons
The Love and Rage of Lido Pimienta
Spring 2018

It’s doubtful that the founders of the $50,000 Polaris Music Prize—launched a decade ago to honour Canadian artists who produce albums of distinction— ever imagined that it would...

Herizons 25th Anniversary issue
Herizons 25th Anniversary Issue
Laurie Soper
Winter 2018

LEAD STORY: Indecent Acts and Everyday Rebellions

This interview first appeared in the Fall 1992 issue of Herizons.


Alexis O'Hara, performance art, feminist artist, sound artist
Resonance and Rebellion: Alexis O'Hara
Deanna Radford
Fall 2017

Alexis O’Hara sits across the table sipping tea and flips her long, wavy hair from one side to the other. In one instant, her look is feminine and chic. In the next, a deep side shave...