#MeToo, feminism in CanadaThis is What a Revolution Looks Like
Penni Mitchell

The honours continue to pour in for activists bringing about a sea change in the fight against sexual harassment, sexual assault and sexual atrocities during war.

In January, the American women who blew the whistle on Harvey Weinstein and sexual harassment in the entertainment industry were named Time magazine’s 2018

joanna chiuCalling Out Sexpats
Joanna Chiu

Growing up in a Vancouver suburb with a very diverse population, I remember a few racist taunts on the playground, but they were few and far between.

Ironically, it was only when I moved to Asia that I began encountering serious discrimination as well as “yellow fever” (fetishes over Asian women). When I first moved to China

Ayuesha Mian Akram Guest ColumnRefashioning Fashion
Ayesha Mian Akram

As a Muslim woman who practices hijab—the wearing of modest clothing and covering my hair—I spend a lot of time navigating. I navigate the politics of being a Muslim woman in Canada and the politics of finding modest, yet
stylish clothing. I also navigate the politics of buying clothing that’s not only ethical for the

feminist humour, manspreading, male privilegeThe Scourge of Manspreading
Lyn Cockburn

I’m supposedly a funny feminist. Even my psychiatrist said, “You are really funny. Why don’t you do stand-up comedy?”

“Anxiety,” I said, omitting the “that’s bloody well why I’m here” part. This week especially, I do not feel funny. I feel cowardly. I blame it on the man on the