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New York: Fearless Girl who faced down Wall Street's bull moved to new spot

Wed, 11/28/2018 - 10:25
  • Statue that symbolized female empowerment moved to NYSE
  • Charging Bull moving too – but its destination a mystery

The Fearless Girl statue considered by many to symbolize female empowerment has been removed from its position facing the Charging Bull of New York’s financial district – but will soon be installed in front of the stock exchange instead. The snorting bull is moving, too, but its destination is a mystery, and it’s unclear if it will again be paired with its feminist opponent.

The bronze ponytailed girl standing with hands on hips was installed in March 2017 opposite the longstanding bull at the bottom end of Broadway in Manhattan. The pair’s juxtaposition became a selfie hit and a new symbol of the gender-equality movement.

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Pharma giant sold mesh implant despite pain warnings

Tue, 11/27/2018 - 07:34

Exclusive: staff at Johnson & Johnson had concerns it could harden in body, emails show

Revealed: how faulty implants harm patients worldwide
Why we’re examining the implants industry

A vaginal mesh implant made by one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical firms was launched despite the company being warned it could shrink and harden inside the body, company documents reveal.

Internal emails between executives, shared with the Guardian, show staff at Johnson & Johnson (J&J) were concerned that the plastic material the mesh was made from had the potential to turn “hard as a rock” and roll up like a “folded potato chip” inside patients.

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‘For God’s sake, get a better sports bra’ – the curse of ‘runner’s boob’ and what you can do about it

Tue, 11/27/2018 - 06:39

The fastening of breasts to our torsos is less solid than we assume; they can move 15cm during a run. Here’s how to look after your precious cargo when you’re bouncing around

A curse on crop tops. They may look like bras, but they aren’t. And if they didn’t look like bras – and if women didn’t wear them as if they were bras – I wouldn’t be forced to say out loud every time I see a woman running: “For God’s sake, get a better sports bra.”

Breasts are wonderful parts of our bodies, but they move, bounce and hurt. And, as high-intensity interval training is becoming ever-more popular, they are moving, bouncing and hurting even more. “Runner’s boob” is increasingly being reported to GPs.

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The brilliance of My Brilliant Friend: this series gives us female lives in full | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett

Tue, 11/27/2018 - 04:53
The TV version of Elena Ferrante’s great novel is faithful to the relationship at the book’s heart. And that feels revolutionary

It’s always high-stakes viewing when a book you love is transferred to the screen. The world of the novel, vividly imagined, can feel flat and jarring when it’s beamed into being from another person’s brain. “That’s not how it’s supposed to be,” you think, because although the adored writer has sketched the outlines, someone else has art-directed it, colouring it in – more often than not in the wrong shades.

This is precisely what I worried would happen in the TV adaptation of My Brilliant Friend, the first novel in Elena Ferrante’s fiercely loved and lauded Neapolitan Quartet. How could anyone possibly succeed in translating such a vividly conjured setting and group of characters as the “neighbourhood” and its inhabitants to the screen?

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Why stuntwomen are angry about 'wigging' – and are changing the industry from within

Tue, 11/27/2018 - 00:00

Becoming a stuntwoman is especially difficult in an industry where men often play female characters. But more performers are breaking through

A woman is doubled over on a platform, clutching her stomach. She screams, then flops 4.5 metres (15ft) on to a giant airbag. To my left, a dozen people are darting through a maze of cardboard boxes, yelling and pretending to fight each other. On the other side of the hall, an explosion is being replicated – a group of people sprint forward only to be violently yanked backwards on to crash mats.

I’m on an industrial estate in Purfleet, Essex, where the British Action Academy runs its British Live Action Stunt Training course – a three-day taster scheme for aspiring stunt performers.

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