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A Bitter Pill

Side Effects from The Pill Can Be Hard to Swallow

By Brittany Shoot

When the first generation of birth control pills was approved for sale in 1960, “the pill,” as it came to be known, was heralded as a great liberator. At long last women could reliably control their fertility. After just two years on the market, more than a million women were incorporating the pill into their daily routine. Within five years, the pill had become the most popular form of birth control in North America.

Winter 2014
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Time to Slay the Perfect-Mother Myth  by Jeanie Keogh

A generation ago, middle-class women grew up with the understanding that it was possible to have it all: healthy, well-adjusted children, successful careers and fulfilling personal relationships.

The Rise of Hipster Sexism  by Meghan Murphy

Describing the hipster is something you aren’t supposed to do. The mere mention of the fact that there are hipsters outs you as not being one.

Viva la Vulva  by Erica Lenti

The mirror has long been touted as a feminist symbol of liberation. For some women, it is a means of understanding identity, a path to empowerment, a vehicle for harnessing sexual awareness.

penni mitchell, editor herizons
Quebec Charter Targets Women
by Penni Mitchell

The Parti Québécois government’s proposed charter of values would not boost human rights protections or religious freedoms for Quebec’s minorities and in particular it would not boost protections for Quebec women.


joanna chiu
China's One Child Policy
by Joanna Chiu

When I heard that China was relaxing its one-child policy, one of my first reactions was to worry about my job. If the government was suddenly going to become progressive on women’s reproductive rights and other issues, what would I write...

susan g. cole
The Splendour of Gender
by Susan G. Cole

It’s hard being a smart, forward-thinking woman in politics these days. You’d think it would be otherwise now that Canada boasts—count ’em—six female premiers. But the narrative that has unfolded since out lesbian...

Evelyn C. White
Reach for the Moon
by Evelyn C. White

Winner of the prestigious Palme d’Or prize at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, Blue is the Warmest Color has been hailed for its bold exploration of a youthful lesbian romance. Cannes jury president Steven Spielberg declared the...